“Brilliant, Brilliant! I cannot thank you enough for introducing Gilly and I to the Western Front and Remembrance, poetry & good red wine! What a great week and great company too.”
Professor John Grieve CBE
May 2003

“Jon Nicholls is to Arras what Martin Middlebrook is to the Somme…the world’s authority on the battle.”
Clive Harris
August 2012

“Thanks again for the marvelous tour over the weekend. Everyone enjoyed it and it was all down to your input.”
Ian Alexander
The War Research Society
April 2005

Stan Maclean at his Grandfather's grave. May 2012

Stan Maclean at his Grandfather’s grave

“We have enjoyed a wonderful visit to Grandfather’s grave and the Vimy Ridge. Thank you for your expertise and sharing your fantastic knowledge of the Canadian Corps at Arras 1917 & 1918.”
Stan & Marge Maclean
Montreal, Canada. Personally arranged pilgrimage.
May 2012

“Jonathan has awakened us to what happened in 1917 & 1918 when the British Army bravely held Arras. We are indebted to him. He has brought tourism to our town with his book and his research.”
Jean-Marie Prestaux
Head of Tourism
Arras 2006

“It takes years and years to become a good guide and accrue the knowledge. The thing is, Jon Nicholls holds your attention. His presentation & delivery is superb and we never know what is coming next! How the hell does he remember it all?”
Bill Gemmell
‘In the footsteps of Scotland’
October 2012

Alf Razzell. Royal Fusiliers. Remembers. 1984

Alf Razzell. Royal Fusiliers. Remembers. 1984

“One again I have to thank you for a fantastic pilgrimage, which took me back more than 65 years. It was a poignant time for at Ovillers to stand amid the graves of the Fusiliers. I knew by their low regimental numbers that they were the lads I trained with in England. I specially thank Jon the historian, for his eloquent descriptions and for giving me such a unique experience, which I shall always remember. On a lighter side, while travelling in the coach, the repartee and spontaneous wit made my ribs ache with laughing.”
Alf Razzell
8th Royal Fusiliers. 12th Div. 1914-18.
October 1984

Jack Cousins MM. Trones Wood. 1982

Jack Cousins MM – 1982

“From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all your efforts and understanding. The trip to the Somme was both emotional and wonderful and I was looked after handsomely. A memory I shall treasure forever. When the last post sounds for me I shall have no regrets. It has made my life happy.”
Jack Cousins MM
7th Beds. 18th Div 1914-18
October 1982

“Thank you so much for taking us to Arras and beyond. It proved to be such a memorable visit; your knowledge, preparation, hard work and enthusiasm ensured that the rest of us enjoyed a smooth passage to the various cemeteries and battlefields, which were brought to life by your anecdotal accounts.”
Helen Learney
24th May 2002

“We would just like to thank Jon Nicholls, John Grieve, & Kevin Cutts for a fabulous trip to the Somme. The depth of these men’s knowledge is remarkable, and we would highly recommend this experience to anyone wishing to pay their respects to all the men, women, children and animals who sacrificed their lives in such horrendous conditions.”
Keith & Julia Anker
May 2009

The Stocks family at the Arras Memorial

The Stocks family at the Arras Memorial